NSRA Northern Swap Meet 23rd October

One year on from the event where all this began, the car was displayed at the swap meet to thank Steel City Cruisers & all the sponsors who stepped up & believed in the project. It was important in so many ways, being able to return exactly one year on to the event where support and sponsorship began! Feedback was incredible from so many people.

Royal National Children's Foundation Royal Dinner 19th October 2106

Rogan was one of two special guest speakers at the dinner, hosted by The Princess Royal, HRH Princess Anne.

He was seated with Princess Anne during the Dinner where they discussed the project and their shared passion for cars. Rogan was also given instruction by Her Royal Highness on double de-clutching a fully loaded 16 Ton horsebox whilst driving up the Malvern Hills!

Urgent info:...
Thanks to the ultra-talented Mr Colin Hardy & "The Drag Strip" cartoon created for Street Machine every month, Attitude Adjustment (the car!)  is 'Mr July' in the new Street Machine 2019 Calendar!

This is available via the Street Machine Magazine website or Facebook page:

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28th Annual European Competition for Young Scientists (EUCYS 2016) 15th – 20th September

Despite the UK organisers not permitting the car to be shown in Brussels, we took poster and video evidence of the project for display. Over 160 entries from 30 nations across the world were in attendance and the Project won the Salvetti Foundation Special Award for the “Best Project in the field of Industrial Maintenance” (http://www.salvettifoundation.com/ ).

History & Events...

Apocalyptica, Road to Ruin, 23rd, 24th September 2017

Mad Max eat your heart out!

A disused ex-military airfield was taken over by a post-apocalyptic group of War-Boys & Tank Girls for the weekend.

Attitude Adjustment was rebuilt to survive the Apocalypse & collected it’s fair share of skulls, blood & bits & pieces, scaring good-guys & baddies in equal measure!

National Hot Rod & Custom Show, Peterborough 23rd / 24th May 2017

Having been brought home from Coventry on the 15th May 2017, some seriously intense work saw massive changes to the car… The Lexus drivetrain was completely removed & the car gutted to a rolling shell. A new engine & transmission was installed - having run up to Shelley Transmission Services in Wolverhampton to drop off the driveshaft to be re-made to join the gearbox to the differential, we were told to "go away & grab a coffee or 2." Less than an hour later, we'd had the call from Matt to head back & collect our nice new driveshaft - and yes, it fitted perfectly!

The complete Intake and Exhaust systems were designed and fabricated from scratch, new fuel and cooling systems made (rear - mounted radiator & dual electric fans) and installed. This meant that the back body panel (which had been tastefully "modified by Ian in 'Chopt' when he pushed me back to the pits at the Nostalgia nationals had to be re-made. Two sets of louvres were let in to the new panel to let out some of the heat in the tail of the car! The car was then  re-wired and given a complete new ivory & purple "Tuck ' n Roll" interior.

All this was completed in only 9 days!.

Attitude Adjustment was loaded on to the trailer to run over to Peterborough on the Friday night where it was again to be displayed in the ‘Best of Britain’ Hall.

One final run-up of the engine &… disaster! No spark… The custom-built ignition system had died. Having had ‘issues’ relating to other cars the previous year, the organisers had altered the rules for 2017. Without it being a running car, it could be displayed but was automatically disqualified from the judging. At least we got it there.

Besides, the look on one ‘gentleman’s face was priceless – he stood, staring at the engine & shaking his head slowly from side to side.

When asked what was wrong he was heard to moan “Nooooooooo, you can’t do that to a Jaguar; I’ve got a 100% concours E-Type at home & this ‘thing’ shouldn’t be allowed!” One Attitude Adjusted!

Hot Rods & Kool Kustoms 28th January – 14th May 2017

"Fire up your engines, step back in time and feel the thrill and excitement of these retro racers.

Stunning hot rods and customs cars from the American and British custom car scene, are part of a brand new exhibition Hot Rods & Kool Kustoms at Coventry Transport Museum.

Built for speed, hot rods were quickly branded a menace to society but the thrill and glamour of Californian white sand races made these machines the ultimate American dream. Inspired by the growing teen subculture, the cars became the stars of those electrifying race scenes from your favourite vintage movies. From James Deans broodingly infamous Rebel Without a Cause, to the sugar coated treatment of John Travolta’s Greased Lightning- there’s no denying that Hot Rods and Kustom Kulture made their mark on Hollywood. Their danger, excitement and creativity was quickly adopted across the pond here in the UK by a hip new chrome-plated generation eager to give the trend a British spin.

With the cars taking centre stage, the exhibition will showcase a premium line-up of icons from the American and British hot rod and custom car scene, all equipped with eye catching designs, thunderous engines and compelling histories. Bringing with them the sights and sounds of 50s Americana, you’ll find the classic ‘32 Ford Roadster and the ‘57 Ford Pop as well as examples of low-slung customs and cool chopped designs from the 30s, 40s and 50s."

Attitude Adjustment was on display at Coventry Transport Museum as part of the above exhibition, with over 50,000 visitors over the 3 month event.

Buster Lang Show, August 4th/5th 2017

The invitation to display Attitude Adjustment in the ‘Rat Hall’ at Buster Lang was a fantastic opportunity! With over 15,000 visitors, many drawn to the show by special guests Steve Darnell & Justin Kramer from ‘Welderup’, it was a busy & fun weekend. The look on Steve & Justin’s faces when they registered that there were 4 cylinders too many was just priceless!

As for their reaction at the end of the show when engines were fired to pull the cars out… “interesting” kind of sums it up!

28th Annual NSRA Hot Rod Drags 9th – 11th September

The car was prepared for this event over the weekend of the 9th to 11th September. With John Harris champing at the bit to improve on the Nostalgia Nationals times, something had to be done to improve stability (particularly of the front end of the vehicle). The original wheels were donated from a 1970 FX Taxi (thanks Ian!). This had meant making adaptors to mount 5 stud wheels onto 4 stud hubs. Although not a problem for a vehicle which was initially to be used for slow-speed demonstrations, it was not desirable for a car which would be run up the strip. We welcome our newest sponsor, Weller Wheels. Manufacturing aftermarket steel wheels since 1969 for all forms of UK motorsport, Weller has a rich and successful racing history. Having contacted the company for advice and support in order to solve the front wheel problems, Weller actually refused to sell us a pair of replacement front wheels...  instead, they gave us a set of 4 custom made wheels they are best known for - the iconic 8-spokes. These were built to fit the original hubs without the need for adapters. The front wheels (5.5” x 15”) were fitted in time for the event, with the rear rims (13” x 15”) arriving a few weeks later, allowing the car to run on M&H Racemaster radials.

Torrential rain impacted on racing on the Saturday but the team at Shakey had given permission to shoot video on the old runway in preparation for the EUCYS event the following week. Some superb footage shot, many thanks! Sadly, Sunday was a washout as a starter issue raised its head & couldn’t be fixed on the day - go ask any Toyota / Lexus mechanic just how much they enjoy swapping a starter motor out on an LS400 engine!

Clearly believing that they will never need to be changed, the LS400 starter motor is situated underneath the intake manifold, between the Vee of the cylinders and on top of the engine block... Wow!

NSRA Nostalgia Nationals, 23rd - 25th June 2017

Shakespeare County Raceway saw Attitude Adjustment being run on the track, initially with limited success due to fuelling issues. Many people had said that the Jaguar was a poor engine to be used on the track. To begin with, the intake plenum chamber had been fabricated too large for high intake velocity, limiting speed off the line & resulting in lower times than last year. We were, however, convinced we could make it work – all the more so when critics were saying it couldn’t be done!

Wheels Day 25th March

The car was taken down to Surrey on Good Friday the week after the Big Bang Fair. This show is a one-day event, which is very much the ‘Season Starter’ in the UK. Hosted by Surrey Street Rods there were over 1000 cars of all styles on show, with many thousand visitors. To our amazement, the car was awarded a Top-Ten place!

NSRA Nostalgia Nationals 24th – 26th June

Arriving on the Friday evening, much chilling out & cruising round the airfield was done (along with some impromptu action “testing things out” on the old runway. As Rogan was still 16 and sans-licence, he was not allowed to take the car onto the strip. The honour for the first shakedown run on the Saturday went to 5x Welsh Paralympian John Harris; he achieved a 65mph / 20 second ¼ mile time. Most importantly, the car has moved from being a static ‘show-queen’ to actually running on the dragstrip with a paraplegic driver! John rated the experience – his first ever drive in a Hot Rod as well as his first ever drive on a Drag Strip up with winning Olympic medals as an experience! He has asked to do it again – but faster!

The second test run on the Sunday saw another driver (Dan Chawro from DC's Speed Shop) lop 3 seconds off the time as well as adding a couple of mph to the top speed recorded - & this having coasted from the 1/8 mile marker with some electrical issues.

Attitude Adjustment Racing is a  race team based around the unique fully disabled accessible and drivable drag car. This hot rod was conceived, designed and built by Rogan McGilp with assistance from his crew. The rod was built with the aspirations to show that, even though someone is disabled, it doesn't mean that they can't have as much fun as someone who is able-bodied.

There is little within modern day drag racing for people who are disabled and want to race, and that is where Attitude Adjustment comes in. Attitude Adjustment is a fully hand controlled hot rod (yes this means no pedals!). Currently this means that she is mainly made for people where their disability focuses on paraplegia (lower limb paralysis).

Attitude Adjustment Racing's philosophy (Anything you can imagine can be made to happen) means that we can design and develop more cars like this in the future focusing on different disabilities as well as developing joint opportunities for able and disabled racers. Thanks to the success in raising awareness and challenging conventional attitudes, a number of sponsors have been involved.

We hope that our success in winning the UK STEM Young Engineer of the Year in 2016 and the start of our own race team will inspire YOU to have a go!

We would like to thank all the sponsors & our supporters for their ongoing support - without you it would not be possible.

Prescott American Autumn Classic, Prescott Speed Hill Climb, 6th & 7th October 2018

An invitation to support the “Miles for Smiles” Charity had to be accepted! This event is held at the Prescott Speed Hill Climb, home of the Bugatti Club, UK, near Cheltenham. American & ‘interesting’ vehicles were to be allowed to “parade” during the weekend. Saturday proved to be a very soggy day & the initial parade runs were limited to drivers only.

As the circuit dried out, things became more brisk…

Unfortunately, the combination of running up the hill 2-up and softened suspension meant that the brake servo took a hit from a rut while running hard uphill into the hairpin which resulted in discovering the combination of tyre-wall, horsepower & torque!Filling the front of the car up with Kitty Litter was not in the game plan (oops!), but no major damage was sustained & all things equal, we’ll be out again next season

(Note to self:  remember, Drag Cars prefer straight lines)…

Shows & events since 2016:

From this:

To this:

In only three months...

NASC Street Rod Nationals, 25th, 26th, 27th August 2017

Rutland Showground hosted the Summer Nats. We took Attitude Adjustment & a surprise for David… Attitude Adjustment appeared on the Street Machine Magazine stand along with Bad Attitude – the Teen-Rod built for Rogan’s younger brother, David!

Bad Attitude won Best Tot Rod & David drove it to the judges to collect his trophy!

Unfortunately Dave(in the trailer) was so engrossed in reading his copy of Street Machine that he didn't realise that David was driving off to collect the trophy!!

EBC Roadkill Show, November 19th 2017

During the 2017 SEMA show, the MD of EBC Brakes had discussed the possibility of the Roadkill Team coming over to do a show in the UK. On his return to the UK, he gave his Management Team roughly 2 weeks to pull a show together.

Around 100 of the most “interesting” cars in the UK & Europe were selected from several hundred entries & the show was on!

Full write up & pics here (please copy and paste link to your browser):


Freiburger & Dulcich spent the day signing autographs & cars while the whole of the business park was swamped by 1000s of enthusiasts.

By the end of the day, we were amazed and honoured to be awarded Car of the Show!

It was great to meet Jeff Lutz & Clay Millican (more later)…

NSRA Billing Fun Run 3rd – 5th June

The following weekend saw another trip along the A14, this time over to Billing Aquadrome for the NSRA Fun Run. The car was displayed outside the main marquee over the weekend & again, the Sunday show field was crammed with cars & many thousand visitors. The ‘NSRA Special Award’ was presented in recognition of a unique build which has had a significant impact on many people.

NSRA Super Nationals 11th – 14th August

Over to Old Warden in August had the rod on display once more over the whole weekend – again, the Sunday ‘Show & Shine’ saw over 1000 cars and in the region of 10,000 visitors! A memorable day indeed.

Halloween Burnout, 28th & 29th October 2017.

The final event at Shakespeare Raceway before the developers took the site over & closed down all racing – forever – saw the car improving once more. There were still apparent fuelling issues, but this was initially put down to learning a different setup – again.

The Saturday night fire burnout was entertaining, particularly when Pete nearly cooked the tail end of his Firebird with an extended, intense fire burnout. Attitude Adjustment wasn’t quite as incendiary, but it was certainly spooky with the skull-ridden ‘tombstone’ silhouetted against the flames!

Having run several times over the weekend, we had dialled the car in pretty well. The last run of the weekend before the final of the Tri-Chevy Shootout saw Attitude Adjustment run against a turbo’d Mercedes. Pulling ahead at the 1/8th at 6.01 seconds at 101mph, the fuel pressure regulator (which we hadn’t changed as it was “known to be good”) failed, massively leaning out the engine. Quick reactions cut the motor before it was damaged & the car coasted through the lights with a 14 second, 100mph pass. Race lost, but the car was pulling well until then, only dropping 1mph in ET having hardly slowed from the 1/8th.

OK, lesson learned (new fuel pressure regulator fitted) & on to the next one…

National Hot Rod & Custom Show, Peterborough 28th / 29th May

On arrival at Peterborough Showground, Rogan was expecting to park the rod in the regular display field for the weekend. This was not to be. The car was pushed into the main display hall, being exhibited in the ‘Best of Britain’ group (by invitation only).

Clearly Rogan did not expect the car to be of interest when displayed alongside some stunning machinery. It was pointed out to him by several other exhibitors that he'd built something special in a 16' x 9' shop (with one strip light & 2 power outlets), in 3 months... and at 16 years old!

By the end of the show, Rogan had become only the 3rd recipient of the “Spirit of Hotrodding” award, following in the footsteps of the like of Jimmy Shine. Recognition indeed for a project which is changing attitudes around disability, was conceived, designed & built – in 3 months – by teenagers in a ‘lock-up’ garage!

He was speechless.

2018 has unfortunately been hit with illness & injury. Rogan hasn’t raced at all this year, having been hit head on by another driver on a road near his home. The resulting neck & back injuries are taking time to heal, but it looks promising for next season.

Wheel Nuts Car Show, St. Rose’s Special School, Stroud, 29th April 2018

What a fantastic event to be invited to – an eclectic mix of over 600 cars and motorcycles of ALL types and styles supporting a massive annual fundraiser for a Special School for young people with severe and complex learning difficulties!

A great day was had by all & a huge amount was raised to enable the school to set up a life-skills & home economics room for their students. Thanks for inviting us; it was a privilege to attend!

Retro Show, Santa Pod, 15th - 17th June 2018

Attitude Adjustment and Bad Attitude were both displayed on the RetroBeutes Club stand. This is one of the UK’s biggest retro-car events, held at the iconic Santa Pod Raceway in Northamptonshire. Catering for all types of interesting vehicles, it was a chilled & enjoyable weekend (even though driver-injury meant we couldn’t race)…

Hot Rod Drags, September 2017

During the Hot Rod Drags, the plenum chamber was split in half at the track which improved gas flow somewhat – but it wasn’t enough for significant improvement in times. We also struggled with contaminated fuel which had caused issues with fuel lines and carburettor seals, leading to several rebuilds over the weekend. Perseverance saw improvements, albeit slight. More needed to be done…

New intake manifolds were fabricated in aluminium as 2 separate intakes, each feeding 6 cylinders. At the same time, the 12 individual exhaust pipes were modified into 4 x 3:1 stainless steel header systems. Each plenum chamber was now less than ¼ the size of the original ‘split’ system & each carburettor now fed directly into each set of 6 primary intakes. These were made to be the same length as the old V12 TWR endurance racing Jaguars, just with primary intake tubes running straight from carb to inlet valve. The complete fuel pipework, along with carb gaskets & seals was replaced again (except for the fuel pressure regulator… more on that later).