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Innovation is the sign of a lateral thinker...

It is easy to get carried away with a project in pursuit of perfection… show-quality cars absorb huge amounts of money. It is not uncommon to spend £15,000 to £20,000 on a basic hot rod build. Recently, in the ‘Best of Britain’ event at the National Hot rod and Custom Car show, the 3rd placed car cost over £120,000 (and was bought as a finished vehicle)!
To create a unique Hot Rod on a limited budget is an uncommon achievement; to do this while still at school is more unusual and to fabricate almost everything, by hand – in around 3 months – is pretty much unheard of!
And all for around £2,100 (and a bucketful of goodwill).
The idea for this project came from Rogan’s younger brother who has Down Syndrome as well as physical disabilities.
Rogan and his brother have grown up around Custom vans, Hot Rods and the modified vehicle community in the UK and USA; everyone has always been extremely accepting and understanding of his younger brother, David.

Whist growing up in and around the Hot Rod community Rogan observed that not only were all the people they met kind to, and accepting of, David but also towards anyone with a disability; they would try and get them involved as much as possible, whether this be giving them a ride around the show field in their custom car or just talking to them about it, and treating them no differently to anyone else at the show. From this the idea to get disabled people more involved in the scene arose, and this came to be the idea of building a custom, hot rod Drag Car specifically for a disabled user. Designed to be all-inclusive with hand controls, gull wing doors and many other essentials, yet still retaining the traditional and radical hot rod design so as to ensure the users felt as included and part of the community as possible.

The name of the car, “Attitude Adjustment”, was very carefully thought through.

We want you to look at it, to listen to it, to watch it being driven; and then to think about how YOU need to re-think existing attitudes held about difference, disability, minority and individuality… oh, and just enjoy it!

The following kind of sums up "WHY?"

"This project sort of began in a field in Wales way back in 2014 while standing round with a group of friends after I’d been driving some very ‘special’ children around in the Teen Rod I’d built for my brother – just like ANY other kids…
  Goose (as he is known), who happens to be ‘Bella’s stepfather, couldn’t stop grinning through his tears when he watched her – out of her wheelchair -  doing things a “normal” child would.

It was humbling...

  Fast forward to summer 2015 in another field full of custom cars. I watched the monster grin on my little brother’s face with him bouncing up and down with excitement when Skippy sat him in his ’32 Tudor Hot Rod & asked him if he liked it?

His smile said it all!

  I knew I had to build something like this…”

Rogan McGilp.

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Who's who...

Stuart Chau.

Stuart is currently studying Aeronautical Engineering at Brighton University.

As one of Rogan's oldest friends, he has been involved with Attitude Adjustment from the very beginning; his support has been immeasurable, whether he was hanging on to bits of steel being stuck together by Rogan, or ending up with more paint on himself when tasked to apply it to the chassis, Stuart rapidly found himself promoted to 'media expert' (this meant he was actually interested in looking through the lens of a camera)! Stuart has posted a number of videos on YouTube & created the slideshow & video presented to the judges at the EUCYS competition in September 2016. 

Check out the playlist titled "Cars" on this link (copy & paste the full text):

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